Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here is part 2 of our "getting our house ready for Christmas 2008" story. Dad & Megan always lay out all of our ornaments onto the dining room table, then we all pitch in to decorate the tree. This is an idea of what our table looks like when full of ornaments. The glass snowman happens to be one of my favorites.

These are some pics taken on the day we brought our Christmas tree in. It's so nice that Tucker is old enough and BIG enough to be able to help bring the tree in now! Megan loves to wear the "Santa" hat while decorating the tree. It was a fun day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My dear friend, Kathi, and I go on a trip together every year that we have dubbed Girls Weekend. We go from Thursday to Tuesday, sometime in October or November. This year (our 11th Girls Weekend) we went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wherever we go, we always try to make the most of our time and see and absorb as much as we can about that particular city or part of the country and find the things that make it unique. On this trip we had to, of course, go to see the Liberty Bell. This, unexpectedly, became a moving experience for me. After reading all about the origins of the Liberty Bell as well as how it symbolizes freedom throughout the world, I came to the realization that Kathi & I could not only stand there together and have our picture taken by the Liberty Bell, but we have the freedom to be able to travel together due to the many battles that were fought by our forefathers. I am thankful for this freedom and grateful that the battles were fought & won & will do what I can to make sure that future generations experience this same freedom.