Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I got up early this morning, before anyone else thinking that I would have a cup of coffee and check out the morning paper and my e-mail before getting ready for church. However, when I peeked outside the front window on my way past, I saw what looked like toilet paper in one of the bushes right under the window. Opened the front door and saw toilet paper EVERYWHERE!!! On the front porch, I found not only the Sunday morning paper, but an empty bottle of body wash..........which led me to believe that it had been emptied out onto something........the most likely target being Joe's car parked out at the curb, which Tucker has been using since he got his drivers' license. Sure enough, this proved to be the case. So, instead of my quiet morning cup of coffee, I spent the better part of an hour picking up toilet paper and hosing the soap off of the car. Made me kind of grumpy. I was able to get ALL of the toilet paper except for that bit that you can see on the roof above the garage. I tried to have a fairly good attitude about this whole thing, but I have to say that it really is a giant pain in the a** cleaning up this kind of vandalism and if I ever find out that my own kids have been party to something like this, they will be grounded for an extended period of time.

Hope all of you reading this got to have a cup of coffee with your morning newspaper :-).
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally got to see WICKED!!! Last time it was through Portland, I dilly-dallied around too long making a decision about going, only to have it sold out by the time I made my decision. This time around, I bought the tickets through an on-line pre-sale event to be sure that I wouldn't miss it. Somehow, though, the date on my calendar was one AFTER the date on the tickets, and when Jill, Megan & I showed up to go to the show we found out that our tickets were for the previous date!! I haven't done anything that ridiculously stupid in a VERY long time.......I truly hope that this is not the beginning of a trend! :-). I was so determined to see the show, that I went ahead and bought tickets for the next week (even though the seats were not NEARLY as good) and we went to Powell's bookstore for the afternoon instead!! The show, once we finally got to see it, was wonderful! Megan liked it so much that she downloaded a couple of songs onto her iTunes. This is one I will see again, should it come back through Portland.